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Poll: Should the Browns Consider Trading...Up?

As the draft approaches, I have seen some fans discuss the possibility of the Cleveland Browns trading down with another team in the first round. What about going the opposite direction and trading up? Is this something you would be interested in the Browns doing? I'm not talking about a "give up a lot unnecessarily to move up one spot to take Kellen Winslow" trade either; I'm talking about trading up because we legitimately feel another team is going to draft the top player on our draft board.

I would be against the Browns trading up in the first round for a couple of reasons. First, they would have to give up some other picks early on in this year's draft in a year in which Mike Holmgren has already said the team won't be as active in free agency. Second, those picks need to be kept to stockpile on defensive linemen, as Ahtyba Rubin is the only proven player confirmed to be returning. Holmgren reportedly wanted to "bet the house" on Sam Bradford last year, but this year there are enough quality players that Cleveland should still get a solid player at No. 6 overall no matter who is drafted ahead of them.