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Former Browns TE Aaron Shea Featured in Tom Brady Documentary

If I am mentioning tight end Aaron Shea, surely it means he is being featured in our recurring draft bust/success list, right? Not quite. Instead, Shea is back in the spotlight as he talks about quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. On Tuesday at 8:00 PM EST, ESPN will feature a documentary on Brady and the six quarterbacks taken before him in the 2000 draft. Shea was a teammate of Brady's in college:

The voice on the other end of the telephone was Tom Brady's, the words he was speaking unforgettable. This is what he said to his good friend and former University of Michigan teammate Aaron Shea: Don't forget about me.

It was 2000, and Brady was hanging on as the fourth quarterback for the New England Patriots. Shea, a fourth-round draft pick of the Cleveland Browns that year, seemed more secure.

Brady and Shea had been tight at Michigan, living in the same apartment building, but now they were embarking on their professional careers in different cities. And although Brady has seemingly always exuded confidence, maybe there was just a sliver of internal doubt as to where things were headed.

So that's what he said to Shea. Don't forget about me. They can laugh at the memory now.

Considering that former Browns quarterback Spergon Wynn was one of the players taken ahead of Brady in 2000, he will be featured in the documentary as well.