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Colt McCoy's Offensive Minicamp Now in Berea

While the location of Colt McCoy and the Cleveland Browns' second offensive minicamp was rumored to be taking place at Kent State University, it was revealed today that the players gathered in Berea at Baldwin Wallace College. Tuesday was the first day of the offense's second players-only minicamp, which is expected to last through Thursday.

Part of the excitement about the second minicamp session? McCoy reportedly invited the Browns' offensive draft picks, according to the Plain Dealer:

McCoy said he contacted the Browns draft picks and invited them to the second camp. He said they were expected to attend, including receiver Greg Little and tight end Jordan Cameron. He said fullback Owen Marecic might not be able to come because he's still in classes at Stanford.

I had been wondering about the rookies and what they might or might not be advised to do when it came to attending these types of camps, so it is good to hear that they are getting involved.