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Cleveland Browns Win the Domain

In an update from a story posted a couple of months ago, the Cleveland Browns were able to secure the domain name "" from an Italian company, according to Forbes. While the domain does not currently forward to the official team site, the previous owner's page is no longer there.

Forbes summarized the court's findings in a nutshell:

First, WIPO agreed with the Browns across the board with respect to the assertion that their CLEVELAND BROWNS and BROWNS trademarks were being confused by the Respondent’s possession of the <> domain name. Second, it found that the Respondent’s failure to comply was evidence of bad faith.

Third, the timing of the transfer last November from Zerbo to the Respondent was probably made "in anticipation of an impending proceeding . . . thereby constituting sufficient evidence of attempted cyberflight to support a finding of registration and use in bad faith." Fourth, the WIPO Panel ordered the Respondent to transfer the domain name <> to the Browns.