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'Camp Colt' Becomes...'Camp Delhomme'

"Move over McCoy."
"Move over McCoy."

Move over, Colt -- there is a veteran in town. According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer, quarterback Jake Delhomme joined the offensive minicamp at Baldwin Wallace College in Berea. The minicamp began on Tuesday and was expected to conclude on Thursday.

Does it come as a surprise that Delhomme is participating in the sessions? The front office has made it pretty clear that Colt McCoy will start next year, and they re-signed Seneca Wallace to be his backup in case he flounders in the West Coast Offense. Delhomme is still under contract for next season, and I think it is good of him to be involved at the camp. If he is going to be part of the team as a third-stringer next season, there's no reason for him to feel isolate from the team; it's not like his teammates hate him or anything.

Cabot also reported that tight end Jordan Cameron was the only offensive rookie to make it. Wide receiver Greg Little was unable to attend, and fullback Owen Marecic is still busy taking classes.