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Colt McCoy Talks About the Second Offensive Minicamp

Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy denied interview requests during the team's second offensive minicamp so that the group of guys there could focus on the task at hand: trying to get up-to-speed with the basics of the West Coast Offense. McCoy spoke with Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer following the conclusion of camp:

"The West Coast offense takes time to learn and develop, but we're way ahead of the game by doing this," McCoy told The Plain Dealer after working out at B-W's Finnie Stadium. "You need coaches around while you're learning it, but aside from that, I feel really comfortable coaching it and talking about it."

Cabot also talked with wide receiver Brian Robiskie, who has been in attendance at both camps:

"We're just trying to hear the language of it, we're hearing the calls as they would come in the huddle and we're familiarizing ourselves with it and hopefully we can just keep it going," said Robiskie.

Among the other notes that Cabot mentioned: cornerback Joe Haden made a "cameo" appearance on Thursday, making him the first defensive player to show up I presume; and it was great to have veteran Jake Delhomme around since he is so well-versed with the West Coast Offense.