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Browns Have Not Reduced Salaries of Staff Members Yet

According to Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, sources indicate that the Cleveland Browns have not demanded paycuts or taken any other cost-cutting measures when it comes to their employees. Grossi notes that last week, the Miami Herald reported that the Miami Dolphins informed their staff members of pay cuts. Those cuts included a 20% pay reduction on employees making more than $75,000, and 10-15% pay reductions on employees making less than that.

Some teams have made a habit out of taking money out of the salaries of their coaches. Larry Keenan, head of the NFL Coaches Association, doesn't think the Browns will be in a hurry to do that (from Grossi's article):

Kennan said the Browns "are one of the better teams that are not going to do that until they feel they have to. With the Browns, it might be six months before they take any money from their coaches.

"That's kind of the benchmark for some of the real good teams that don't want to take money. Six months would take you up to September when the games are not being played. So they would have to do something at that point."