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Lockout Continues as Eighth Circuit Grants a Stay

A couple of weeks ago, Judge Susan Nelson lifted the NFL lockout, only for the owners to file an appeal and make sure the lockout was back on. Since then, we've been waiting for some form of an update from the Eighth Circuit of Appeal, and today we got one. As expected, it wasn't good news for football fans.

According to Albert Breer of NFL Network. the Eighth Circuit has granted the NFL a stay which means the lockout will remain in place until the appeal is decided. Of the three judges, one dissented in the ruling. All of that [free agency, camp, etc] will wait until at least sometime in June when the appeal is decided. Of course, it's also possible the two sides come to an agreement before then but that seems highly unlikely.

The waiting game continues. We can discuss some more free agent related topics for maybe a couple of more weeks, but news is going to be running bone dry before long.