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Jauron Talks About Marcus Benard, Compares Taylor and Rogers

A few days ago, the Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi posted an interview with Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron. Today, Grossi provided a few more quotes from Jauron that were omitted from the original article, including a tidbit on LB Marcus Benard and how rookie DT Phil Taylor compares to veteran Shaun Rogers (who is now with the New Orleans Saints):

Regarding Benard Possible Moving to DE:

"We definitely have to find out about a lot of (the players)," Jauron said, "but we do believe that that may be a good spot for (Benard) and we've talked about that. It's kind of what we're looking at as we eventually get him here. We'll put his hand on the ground. We'll stand him up. And then we'll make decisions. But absolutely he'll get an opportunity to play that (situational) position, too."

Comparing Taylor to Rogers:

"Probably some similarities and some differences, also," he said. "I think Shaun was taller, size-wise. Shaun was significantly bigger at this point. Athletically, (they were) maybe comparable. Shaun was a rare athlete ... very, very rare for that big of a man. The size thing inside, with the athleticism, is something I've always believed in. I think you've got to have it, certainly in our division."