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Browns Players Try to Maintain Some Prominence as Indians, Cavs Thrive

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With the draft over and the NFL still in lockout mode, it is difficult for fans to feel engaged in football discussions. Fortunately for fans of all the Cleveland sports teams, there has been positive news when it comes to teams besides the Browns.

The Cleveland Indians have the best record in baseball at 26-13. That is a .667 winning percentage, and they have already had more dramatic walkoff wins than I remember all of last season. Attendance figures have been slowly creeping up, and I think more fans are convinced now that this team is not a fluke. With the way they are playing, warm weather on the way, and some great series coming up (i.e. the Cincinnati Reds), I think we're going to be seeing some heavier crowds and help pump even more energy into Progressive Field.

The Cleveland Cavaliers finished the season with a terrible record, but the best news since the post-LeBron era came yesterday when the NBA lottery awarded the team with the first and fourth overall picks in the draft. Given some of the pieces the team already has (veterans Baron Davis and Antwan Jamison, and the energetic Anderson Varejao), along with some of the young players developed last year, acquiring two premiere players in the draft will renew the buzz surrounding the Cavaliers. Will we ever find another LeBron? Probably not, but we can get some core players to help get this team right back into contention.

Meanwhile, the best thing the players of the Browns can do right now is to pull off as many good public relations moves as they can. Maybe some people could give two cents less about Joe Haden and Joshua Cribbs showing their love for the city of Cleveland by attending sporting events related to the Indians or Cavaliers, but I get a kick out of it. After periods of 'betrayal' in football, basketball, and baseball in Cleveland, it is nice to see some loyalty.