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Greg Little's Absence at Camp Explained

This past Sunday, I mentioned how I felt Greg Little's absence at Camp Colt probably should not be too big of a deal, as it was not going to make-or-break his career given the fact that he has already been off (but training on his own) from football for a year.

Today, the Plain Dealer's Mary Kay Cabot talked with Little's agent, Andy Ross, about Little's whereabouts last week and whether or not he plans to attend future sessions.

Per Ross, Little had already scheduled a prior family commitment:

Ross said Little felt comfortable making the family commitment last week because under the rules of the old collective bargaining agreement, rookies wouldn't have been permitted to participate in team activities -- except for a minicamp the weekend after the draft -- until after May 16. Those rules were in place because players are still in classes in May.

As far as future "Camp Colt" sessions, Ross says that Little would like to attend, but probably for the off-the-field portions only, such as film study and working out. The risks of suffering an injury without a contract in place is the issue for Ross. Last week, tight end Jordan Cameron was the only offensive rookie to take part in the practice sessions.