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Walker: Can Dalton and McCoy Challenge Division Rivals?

In an article posted by ESPN AFC North blogger James Walker, he asks the question, "Can Andy Dalton and Colt McCoy close the gap in the AFC North?" The gap is the one that since the division re-alignment in 2002 has seen the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens win the AFC North seven out of nine times. It seems like the Cincinnati Bengals aren't so much part of the gap considering they've won the division twice during that stretch; Cleveland is the lone team yet to take home the title.

Some people, including the guy who ranked the Browns No. 32 overall from, do not have faith that the Bengals and Browns have the quarterbacks in place to bridge the gap:

Neither quarterback was a top draft pick. McCoy was a third-rounder in 2010 and Dalton was taken in the second round last month. Yet both are projected to start very early in their careers and, thus, will carry pressure similar to being a first-round pick. Time will tell if Dalton and McCoy will eventually lead to a quarterback changing of the guard in the AFC North. But count Williamson among the biggest skeptics.

"They both won a ton of games in college, were wonderful college players, and you want your daughter to marry them," Williamson explained. "But they just don't throw the football as well as they have to to be 'The Guy' in that division."