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SB Nation Grades the Cleveland Browns' Draft

The grades have been rolling in for the NFL Draft. This morning, SB Nation's NFL section graded the picks for the AFC and the NFC. The lowest grade given in the AFC was a B-, which leads me to believe the scale was set a bit too high. On top of that, it was a bit puzzling to see the Browns receive a mediocre "B" on a generous scale:

Cleveland Browns: B
Dick Jauron's philosophy in Chicago was to build his defense around the massive interior triangle of Ted Washington and Keith Traylor at defensive tackle, and Brian Urlacher at middle linebacker. First-round pick Phil Taylor, in teaming with Ahtyba Rubin, gives Jauron similar size at defensive tackle; now he just needs his middle linebacker. Greg Little and Jordan Cameron are perfect system fits offensively, and they'll get years out of seventh-round pick Eric Hagg, as well.

The description itself sounds alright; maybe they did not take into account the fact that the Browns added some picks in 2012. The comment about Hagg was a bit confusing too; we'll be fortunate if we get a season out of the guy just by virtue of him being a seventh-rounder.