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Poll: Jabaal Sheard vs. Da'Quan Bowers in the 2nd Round

One of the top, but not surprising, stories of the NFL Draft was the fall of DE Da'Quan Bowers, a player who was once projected to be the favorite to go to the Cleveland Browns at No. 6 overall:

Da’Quan Bowers’ shocking (and financially devastating) slip down the NFL draft board because of a knee injury was in all likelihood a business decision. It’s not that teams didn’t want him; Bowers has all the skill, size and intangibles to be good. Teams simply didn’t want to pay him. If you’re going to invest $30 million or more, you want to know what you’re getting. Link

That might have been the case in the first round, but by the time the second-round rolled around, money should not have been an issue. With the 37th overall pick, the Browns ended up selecting DE Jabaal Sheard. 14 picks later, at No. 51 overall, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally selected Bowers. It just seems so tough to gauge what Bowers' status is, but for all 32 teams in the league to pass on him for so long, there had to be a significant amount of doubt in his current health status.

With that said, would you have preferred it if the Browns had taken a shot on Bowers at No. 37 overall rather than taking a "healthy" Sheard? The poll is after the jump.