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Around the AFC North (5/20): Bengals' Plans for Camp

In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we take a look at the plans the Cincinnati Bengals have for their own version of "Camp Colt," a potential stud cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and a reaction from irritable Ravens fans.

Cincinnati Bengals: Offensive Workout in June?

Even though Colt McCoy is young, he was with the Browns last year and the offense has already held two minicamps during the lockout to prepare for a potential season. When you look at a team like the Bengals, who have a rookie quarterback projected to start in Andy Dalton, and questions at the wide receiver position, it would seem to be a bit tougher to round up everyone for camp. Dalton and company plan to do some workouts in a couple of weeks though, per Dalton:

"It does make it tough for rookies this year. But we're trying to do the best we can with what we're capable of doing. I know in a couple of weeks we're going to be getting together with all of the skill guys out in California, we're going to be throwing and working out together just to kinda get everybody on the same page starting off. We're trying to do everything we can right now. Give it the best shot once we can get into camp and work with the coaches."

Pittsburgh Steelers: Rookie CB Cortez Allen Projected to Break Out

Over at Behind the Steel Curtain, Michael Bean is showing some early confidence in fourth-round cornerback Cortez Allen and his potential to turn into a steal:

The most interesting part of Laird's post though was some interesting statistics he culled from Allen's career. Laird began by noting that, yes, Allen did have only five career interceptions in college, two of which he returned for TDs, but his cover ability is better reflected in the following stats:

- 63 third down stops (58 vs. the pass) and 15 fourth down stops
- Just 69-of-197 passes (35%) and 3 TDs completed against him, with just 33 of those catches producing first downs
- Rerouting of his main coverage assignment on 102 of 128 incomplete pass attempts
- 13 of 28 starts where he did not give up a single reception

Baltimore Ravens: Beatdown's Reaction to Bengals and Browns

Prepare to get your blood boiling from Bruce over at Baltimore Beatdown, our Ravens affiliate:

Neither team [Browns/Bengals] appears to be ready to unseat either the Ravens or Steelers anytime soon, so it looks like what many think is the best rivalry in the NFL will continue to be for supremacy in the AFC North. Even with their brutal battles at least twice, if not three times a year, both teams should continue to contend for playoff berths and make every other team in the conference afraid to see them on their schedule. Meanwhile, there is no reason to expect the Bengals or the Browns to contend for anything other than to stay out of the basement of the AFC North.

To be fair, in the comments section, several Ravens fans seemed to give the Browns their props as a team moving in the right direction and one they are a bit weary of compared to the Bengals.