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Rank the Best-Looking NFL Helmets

Over at ESPN, they are running a poll that fans can vote in to see who has the best-looking NFL helmets. You can vote here; to vote, you only need to rank at least five teams.

The headgear worn by NFL players has come under scrutiny of late given the rash of concussions in the game, but while experts debate how to make helmets safer, you can rest assured that one thing won't change: They will continue to look cool. But which ones are the coolest? You tell us.

I wanted to see the current results, which I believe can only be done by submitting a ballot. As of this post, the Browns currently rank 29th on the list, meaning our helmet must not be very attractive to fans from opposing teams. If you'd like to show your support for Cleveland's helmet and see them rise in the rankings, go ahead and vote now! One oddity you can see in the voting system right now is that the Browns have an unusually high amount of first-place votes for being ranked as low as they are. As of this post, they have 2,600+ first-place votes. The next closest team that even reaches 2,000+ is the Vikings at 16th overall.