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Ken Dorsey Assisting Cam Newton Through Chudzinski Connection

Cam Newton at work.
Cam Newton at work.

A couple of weeks ago, former Cleveland Browns quarterback Ken Dorsey retired from football. One of the thing he has been doing since then? Training with rookie quarterback Cameron Newton, the first overall pick of the draft for the Carolina Panthers.

When Dorsey was with the Browns, fans often said that it seemed like he was a good mentor and that coaching could be in his future. In Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback, he discusses the Rob Chudzinski connection between Dorsey and Newton.

There's a good reason Dorsey and Newton have become workout and classroom partners. In 2001 and 2002, Dorsey, at Miami, was coached by Hurricane offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski. In 2007 and 2008, Dorsey, with the Cleveland Browns, was coached by Browns offensive coordinator Chudzinski.

Newton was able to get a Carolina playbook, with Panthers offensive coordinator Chudzinski's encyclopedic offense, to take with him during the lockout. Dorsey spent last week instructing Newton in the finer points of the offense, in addition to telling him the expectations and coaching methods of Chudzinski.

Not that this repairs Newton's image or anything, but this isn't the type of thing I expected him to do as a rookie. It's good to hear that veteran quarterbacks don't mind taking on roles such as this; while Jake Delhomme is still under contract with the Browns, he can be providing similar guidance to rookie Colt McCoy.