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Mike Holmgren: QB Situation Will be Competitive

We have heard Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert give their endorsements to Browns quarterback Colt McCoy, but it is still best to keep up-to-date with the latest rumblings from the front office, especially when the media tries to dissect quotes in the future. Albert Breer of the NFL Network caught up with Holmgren at the NFL Spring Meetings that are currently taking place, where Holmgren said the following when asked about Cleveland's quarterback situation:

"We have Seneca Wallace, too, and Jake Delhomme as well right now," Holmgren said at the NFL Spring Meeting. "But (McCoy) got his feet wet last year. I didn't necessarily want him to play that much last year, but we were injured, and so he had a chance to play. He showed us enough where he will go in, and we're hopeful that -- it'll be competitive -- but if he does what I think he can do, he'll probably be the guy, yeah."

You just know that guys like Michael Lombardi will take that "it'll be competitive" portion of the quote and use it as fuel for their arguments against the front office's trust in McCoy as the starter. In the rest of the article, Holmgren mentions his appreciation for McCoy's leadership abilities already and how the fact that he has been running offensive minicamps has put a smile on his face.