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Around the AFC North: Non-Football Careers Coming to a Close

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In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we take a look at the non-football careers of players in the division coming to a close.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Hines Ward Wins Dancing With the Stars

This season of Dancing With the Stars is finished, and Steelers receiver Hines Ward came home with the trophy. Ward won despite a serious accident recently:

Most recently, Hines – loved by Steelers fans for playing rough on the field -- nearly snapped his partner Kym’s neck in two when he fell on her during a rehearsal and she was whisked away in an ambulance. And he broke down and cried when they were able to actually perform their dance that week. This week Kym was still rehearsing in a neck brace – which may have helped them gain votes.

Always a win to see Ward cry; maybe we can have some new screen caps for next season. Besides his irritating grin, I imagine Ward will showboat with dance moves next season after he makes a catch.

Baltimore Ravens: Zbikowski's Boxing Career is on Hold

Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski, who took up boxing during the lockout and is 3-0 in matches, put his next match on hold in order to get ready to participate in non-official team practices.

Although Zbikowski was not present at the players-only practice at Towson University yesterday, he plans to head back to Baltimore in anticipation of more player-organized workouts until the NFL labor dispute is settled. With questions remaining on the status of former starting strong safety, Dawan Landry, Zbikowski stands a solid chance of earning the starting gig next to All-Pro Ed Reed in 2011.

Cincinnati Bengals: Mike Brown Complains About Chad's Endeavors

Bengals owner Mike Brown is not pleased with Chad Ochocinco's off-the-field antics. He recently took up bull riding and failed.

"Next maybe he'll be snake wrangler and we can all watch to see if he gets bit or something," Brown said. "I don't know. He's always up to some stunt. They amuse me in a way and yet they concern me because, let's face it, as we look at it we want a football player. We aren't looking for a bull rider or a dancer, or a soccer player. We want a football player. It's simple. That's where we want the focus. Not on other things."