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Browns vs. Jets Rated 15th Best Game of 2010

While sifting through, I noticed that Elliot Harrison, who supposedly watched all 267 games during the 2010 NFL season, was ranking the top 20 games of the season. The Cleveland Browns had their game against the New York Jets ranked No. 15 on the season.

Overall, the same was not one to remember for Browns fans since we lost. We can still come away with the fact that Colt McCoy led a comeback drive at the end of the fourth quarter, and if it wasn't for Chansi Stuckey's fumble, we might have won. Had it not been for the dramatic finish though (Santonio Holmes' touchdown right at the end of overtime), I don't think this game would've been listed in the top 20.

From Harrison:

Why is this game No. 15 of 2010?

This epic Jets-Browns struggle had to be included in the top 20 because of all of its interlocking parts. It was one of the longest regular-season games in NFL history that didn't end in a tie. Braylon Edwards playing his old club in a place where the only people he's more popular than are named James and Modell. It was also a great old-school uni matchup, which should never be underestimated in its importance.

Meanwhile, the duel between the twin brother coaches is the best such duel since the twin Van Dammes made cinema history in "Double Impact."

Why not higher?

No. 15 on our list suffered from the fact that seemingly every Jets game was a close call. The previous week, the Jets played a nail-biter in Detroit. And after the Cleveland game, the Jets eeked out a close call against Houston. Interestingly enough, Holmes made the deciding play in all three.

It seems a little weird seeing Eric Mangini and Rob Ryan in those highlights on the sideline.