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Braylon Edwards Delivers on Scholarship Promise to Cleveland Students

Former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards did not leave the city with the best reputation, and he didn't do a lot to help his cause when he persisted to trash the city when he first became a member of the New York Jets. He seemed to find "closure" so to speak after last year's game against the team though and pretty much toned his antics down.

Another story that will help repair his image a little bit in Cleveland is the fact that he came through with promise he made in 2007 to selected students of Cleveland schools. Specifically, Edwards spent $1 million on scholarships -- 100 scholarships of $10,000 each -- that went to Cleveland students who are getting ready to enter college.

More details about how the scholarship process went down, including eligibility requirements and testimonials from some of the scholarship recipients, can be found here.

When Edwards (who referred to himself as the "2nd" most hated man in Cleveland) was asked about his thoughts on the Browns, he continued to have a positive approach:

"If there's a season I'm sure they'll be alright," Edwards said. "They played a lot of tough teams and it looks like they're getting better, turning the corner. I would love to see them improve upon that."

Here is a link to DBN from last year, where several students in Edwards' program received scholarships early.