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Joshua Cribbs Surprises Canton Township Kids at Baseball Game

Cleveland Browns return specialist Joshua Cribbs continues to build his positive image off-the-field. In a story by the Canton Repository this morning, Cribbs surprised kids and the community when he suddenly took part in a peewee baseball game in Canton Township.

In the fifth inning of a tight game between Rob Leahy’s Shamrock Gear squad and Rich Ferren’s Abbott Electric crew, Cribbs, who will turn 28 in two weeks, was summoned to pitch.

Based on the article, the crowd seemed to love Cribbs' presence. Part of the reason he made the appearance was to get it on film to use it as a pitch for a potential television show he wants to be a part of:

Cribbs is the subject of a potential reality show whose focus is his dynamic personality and giving back to the community. Project chief Scott Giovanini and his crew flew in from Los Angeles to put together a "sizzle reel," a three-minute shot at selling this as a show.

Be sure to check out the rest of the article to see photos of Cribbs engaging the children and having a good time.