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Mike Holmgren Talks About the Round 1 Draft Trades

Cleveland Browns team president Mike Holmgren joined KJR radio in Seattle, primarily to talk about how things unfolded the first day of the draft and whether Colt McCoy is the team's starting quarterback.

Most of what Holmgren stated about the trades in the first round was common knowledge. He reiterated that Tom Heckert and Thomas Dimitroff had been working a potential deal out for two weeks. Holmgren was fine with it as long as the Browns still picked good players. He also noted that there were two players the team was willing to stay at No. 6 for, but like Heckert, he would not reveal their names. The interesting part came when Holmgren was asked about giving up a third rounder to move back up in the first round, from No. 27 overall to No. 21 overall:

On the decision to trade back up after first trading down: "Yeah we used our third round to get back up there for Phil (Taylor). We were going to sit but then Tom Heckert, who runs the draft for us, he got a little nervous so he goes Mike we’ve got to do this so we did it. It was a good thing. We got word from teams after the fact that we were going to lose him. He was not going to get to 27."

Some people might say that just to cover themselves, but I don't doubt that another team might have tried to move up and draft Taylor.

Lastly, regarding the quarterback situation, Holmgren seemed set on McCoy if for nothing more than the fact that he doesn't like to keep quarterbacks guessing -- it's better for everyone to know their roles on the team.