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Former Browns QB Ken Dorsey Calls it Quits

Even though quarterback Ken Dorsey was not in the NFL last season, he was still active in the CFL with the Toronto Argonauts. Now he has decided to hang it up and retire, according to the USA Today.

Dorsey began his career with the San Francisco 49ers back in 2003 as a 7th round draft pick. He joined the Cleveland Browns in 2006 when the team dealt away quarterback Trent Dilfer. He was the backup to the likes of Charlie Frye, Derek Anderson, and Brady Quinn, but was never considered a serious candidate for a starting role. He did start a couple of games in his final season with the team when both Quinn and Anderson were out with injuries.

Dorsey's tenure in Cleveland might best be remembered by the praise that former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar always gave him when he was announcing preseason games. Dorsey gained the reputation that he could be a future quarterbacks coach, and sure enough, he has been doing some coaching with high school football teams down in Florida recently.