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Poll: Would You Rather See Cincinnati Start Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton?

The Cincinnati Bengals passed on the opportunity to take quarterback Blaine Gabbert in the first round of the draft, as they instead decided to go with wide receiver A.J. Green. That did not stop them from taking a quarterback in round two, as TCU's Andy Dalton happened to fall right in their laps.

Over at Cincy Jungle, they have been busy looking at the quarterback situation all offseason along. It must be tiring having the same debates over and over, but it is something Browns fans have been used to when it comes to change at the quarterback position. If Dalton is named the starter, he is willing to accept the role as soon as possible:

"Everyone knows Carson is saying he's not coming back," Dalton said. "I think they're preparing to move on so obviously the position is open… I'm going to go prepare myself like I'm going to be the starter."

Meanwhile, the former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner told Ken Whisenhunt that he thinks Carson Palmer would be a good fit in Arizona, where he would be replacing Derek Anderson. While it seems like Palmer is as good as gone, who knows what will happen when the regular season roles around: the veteran could still be on the team and in line to be the team's starter for another season.

The purpose of this poll isn't who you think will be the starter, it is who you want to be the starter. Ideally, you would pick the player who you think gives the Bengals the lesser chance of winning.