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Could Jim Tressel's Exit Create the NFL's Supplemental Draft?

With how the current labor situation stands, who knows if a supplemental draft would even occur. Two players were taken in last year's supplemental draft -- RB Harvey Unga of the Chicago Bears and NT Josh Brent of the Detroit Lions. Both picks cost seventh-round draft choices. Brent had 16 tackles last season and Unga finished on the injured reserve.

The supplemental draft usually takes place in July. Fans wondered a couple of months ago whether quarterback Terrelle Pryor might change his mind and declare for the supplemental draft, but Peter King noted that something significant with his situation would have had to of changed. Does the resignation of Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel qualify as something that would permit Pryor to change his mind?

The following comes from PFT and league spokesman Greg Aiello:

After I pointed out in response that Tressel’s resignation could result in one or more applicants, Aiello said,  "There could be a supplemental draft, yes.  But the supplemental draft is not a mechanism for bypassing the regular draft.  It’s for players that have left school after the draft, evaluated on a case-by-case basis."

There are a total of five players who could take advantage of this, but a lot would need to happen. The players would have to declare they are changing their mind, they would need permission from the league, and then the league would need to determine whether a supplemental draft can occur since their is no active CBA agreement. The players involved include Pryor, offensive tackle Mike Adams, tailback Dan Herron, wide receiver DeVier Posey and defensive end Solomon Thomas.

No other players in college have declared for the supplemental draft. If there happens to be a crazy all-OSU supplemental draft, would if be worth it for the Browns to spend a pick on any of the players?