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Around the AFC North (5/31): Rice Listed No. 56, Steelers Defense Taking it Easy

In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we take a look at where Ravens running back Ray Rice ranks on the list of the top 100 players, what the Steelers' defensive players are doing during the lockout, and whether the Bengals should make a run at quarterback Vince Young.

Baltimore Ravens: Rice Rated No. 56 Overall

On the Top 100 NFL players list of 2011, running back Ray Rice was ranked No. 56 overall. It doesn't sound like our friends over at Baltimore Beatdown are upset with the ranking. One more player from the Cleveland Browns is supposed to be on the list and will be in the top 50. Despite Peyton Hillis getting the cover of Madden '12, it probably won't be him, but rather offensive tackle Joe Thomas, who receives that honor.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Defensive Players Taking it Easy

Right now, the veteran players on the Steelers defense are digging the time off and do not plan on getting together for any elaborate team-wide workout sessions:

"The good thing for us," [Ryan] Clark said, "is there are no spring chickens on defense. This time's been good for healing of your bodies. The mental part? We know how to play football. We know how to run cover 3. That dog blitz will still be deadly. We'll be fine."

Nose tackle Chris Hoke is happy too:

"I would say 90 percent of the veteran players are fine with this lockout right now. I want to be in training camp, but, if we're not going in now, when's the last time I could go work out 3-4 hours in the morning and have the afternoon with my wife? Never."

Cincinnati Bengals: Is Vince Young an Option at QB?

Think of this as the equivalent to Bernie19Kosar wanting JaMarcus Russell:

But Vince Young could actually be a guy that the Bengals might target. Take note and read carefully: We're not suggesting that the Bengals should sign Young once the Titans release the quarterback (or if they release him). We are suggesting, however, that the Bengals could sign him. Why on earth would would they contemplate something. We'll we're not sure that they are. But here's a few points that could go through their minds as reasons to consider signing him.