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Dick Jauron: "We Would Love to Add a Safety"

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Scott Petrak of the Chronicle Telegram had an interview with Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron in today's paper. Jauron started off the interview by preaching how he wants to have an aggressive defense, one that would be blitzing about a third of the time.

Jauron goes on to talk about each of the team's personnel groupings, including the defensive line, the linebackers, and the secondary. When he talked about the secondary, he stressed the need to find another safety:

"We would love to add a safety," Jauron said. "Anywhere we can upgrade any position at the right cost, we would keep doing it."

This should come as no secret considering the state of the roster right now. The front office continues to refrain from mentioning Abram Elam's name, leading me to believe he will not be re-signed once the lockout ends. Maybe you could say, "the Browns are just keeping their lips sealed on purpose," when it comes to Elam, but then why would they take the opposite approach with players like Jayme Mitchell and Chris Gocong?