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Joe Thomas Taking Advantage of the Lockout

What has the lockout allowed Joe Thomas to do? It has allowed the Cleveland Browns offensive tackle to get in better shape as he regularly works out at the University of Wisconsin campus. With the help of former strength and conditioning coaches, Thomas is not slacking off during the downtime. In an interview with the UW website, Thomas talked about his workouts, among other things.

"I’m self-motivated, so it’s no problem for me to come out here four days a week and get myself in shape and get myself stronger," said Thomas.

When asked about how things would be different if OTA's for the Browns were in session, Thomas said he wouldn't have been able to get as strong as he is right now.

"If I was in the OTA’s right now," he said of the Organized Team Activities, "I’d be thinking about football – on the field or watching film – and  I’d be cutting short my weight room and sprinting. So I actually think I’m stronger and in better shape than if I wasn’t locked out.

As far as lifting weights – that’s by the book. But auxiliary stretching and recovery things sometimes get cut short because you’re running to a meeting or you’re running to do position work with your coach. Those are things that get overlooked when you’re worried about practice and film study."

Thomas also mentioned how it is difficult for offensive linemen to accomplish anything at gatherings such as "Camp Colt" because players do not want to risk injury, and one-on-one drills would be difficult to run.