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Around the AFC North (5/4): Ike Taylor Becomes More Important to Pittsburgh

In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we take a look at why the Pittsburgh Steelers definitely need to re-sign free agent cornerback Ike Taylor, who the Baltimore Ravens drafted as their new backup quarterback, and why the Bengals might not trade Carson Palmer.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Ike Taylor a Top Priority

James Walker over at ESPN wrote a brief story the other day about how the value of cornerback Ike Taylor just went up for the Steelers. Taylor is a free agent, and the already-thin cornerback position was not addressed with a high impact player in the first two rounds.

The Steelers picked Texas cornerback Curtis Brown in the third round and Citadel corner Cortez Allen in the fourth round. Pittsburgh feels both players have potential. But based on their draft status, it's rare for a rookie taken in the middle rounds to be ready to start right away for a Super Bowl contender.

Baltimore Ravens: Tyrod Taylor to Back Up Flacco

While others may think that Taylor will need to make the transition from college quarterback to NFL receiver or kick returner, the Ravens GM thinks otherwise. "We drafted him as a quarterback, and he was evaluated as a quarterback," Newsome was reported as saying.

Cincinnati Bengals: Drafting Dalton Reduces Trade Chance?

One writer thinks that by drafting Andy Dalton and the draft already over, it makes sense to keep Carson Palmer for another year:

If anything, the Dalton pick may make sure a trade doesn't come off. Now the Bengals are not forced to do much of anything, although they are mulling a veteran free agent quarterback for a staff that has all of 14 NFL passes. Draft picks are going to have to be involved if they trade Palmer, so maybe they’re thinking why not wait until next year when a) they actually know what they’re trading for and the things have some value and b) they know what the rules of the draft are actually going to be.