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Gus Johnson Could End Up at FOX, New NFL Network Crew

Reports came out yesterday that CBS commentator Gus Johnson was not able to come to an agreement on a new contract by the network. That makes Johnson a hot "free agent" so-to-speak, as he is known for his over-the-top antics when calling NFL and college basketball games, as well as fights.

Johnson reportedly has a deal on the table from FOX now, but he still could end up back at CBS if the network decides to match FOX's offer. If he makes the change over to FOX, he would cover NFL games and the Pac-12. I doubt FOX touches their No. 1 announcing team (Joe Buck and Troy Aikman) or even their No. 2 team (the one that features Tony Siragusa on the sidelines), but adding Johnson would finally give them some more "depth" when it comes to good announcers.

The eight games that air on NFL Network next season will also have a new announcing crew. Last year featured Bob Papa and Joe Theismann, but neither of them will be calling games. Replacing them are veteran announcer Brad Nessler and NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock. I don't know if I've ever heard Nessler, but I loved the work that Mayock did in one of NBC's postseason games last year. The crew sounds more promising than the past couple of years and should make that Browns vs. Steelers match a little more entertaining.