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NFP: All-Rookie Team Projections

Over at the National Football Post, there is an article that features an early projection of who could be the top players at each position in this year's rookie class. One of the draft picks for the Cleveland Browns made the list. Who was it?

It was our fullback / special teams "stud."

FB Owen Marecic: Cleveland Browns
The Browns want to run “Power O” inside and Marecic was the best in-line blocker in the draft. He possesses the type of mentality to consistently win as a lead guy at the next level.

Would that be like drafting the only long snapper in the draft and then predicting him to be the best rookie at his position? Maybe, but it's good to see Marecic get some early recognition nonetheless. I would still like to see Lawrence Vickers stay with the team, but that is a topic we'll address more when we do our free agent writeup on him.

While the writer picked a lot of high-profile players, not everyone listed was "the top of their class." For quarterback, he has the Vikings' Christian Ponder listed. That could be true since the Vikings still have a lot of weapons on that roster. The likes of A.J. Green and Marcell Dareus aren't on the list either. Go ahead and check it out.