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Peyton Hillis Talks More About Madden, Camp Colt

In an interview with the New York Times, Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis talked about his thoughts on the potential Madden "curse" that comes with the territory of being the coverboy. As expected, Hillis denounced the curse and said that it would be no excuse for any potential injury that happens to him. It also sounds like he has become an avid Madden player since being named to the cover; maybe he could challenge a few fans online?

Hillis also talked a little bit about Camp Colt, which took place a couple of weeks ago:

Hillis, who lives in Arkansas, has kept in shape with a group of teammates. “I just got back from Austin where I was working out with Colt McCoy and a bunch of the guys,” he said. “We were running routes and trying to get the timing down and learn the playbook.”

Maybe I'm reading too much into words, but Hillis says, "...learn the playbook," while Joshua Cribbs said they didn't have a playbook at the camp. Either way, with the one obscure day that allowed players to meet with coaches before the draft, everyone should have some form of a playbook before the next players-only camp.