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Off-Topic: Talk About...Off-Topic Ideas

Before the draft, there was still plenty of Cleveland Browns related material to talk about despite the NFL's labor situation. Now that the draft is over and the lockout is still on, there are not a whole heck of a lot of things to talk about specifically related to football.

That brings up the idea of having some off-topic posts here on Dawgs By Nature to fill in some of the dead periods. Around the Pound used to serve as an off-topic outlet for certain topics, but I'm referring to having certain posts dedicated exclusively to off-topic discussion, maybe once or twice a week.

As a response to this post, I would appreciate it if you could say whether you support the idea of having some off-topic posts (i.e. would you participate in them?) or not. Please also mention if it would be better to have just a general "off-topic" thread where anything could be discussed, or if you would prefer that certain themes be named per off-topic post (i.e. Off-Topic: TV Shoes, Off-Topic: Movies, Off-Topic: Gaming).