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ESPN Ranks Joe Thomas as the No. 9 Offensive Player in NFL

You can take ESPN's offseason power rankings with a grain of salt if you would like. For instance, when cornerbacks were ranked during the month of April, over 20 cornerbacks received consideration for being in the top ten in the NFL --  Cleveland's Joe Haden was not one of them.

Continuing with their weekly power rankings, ESPN unveiled the top ten offensive players (excluding quarterbacks), and cracking the list at No. 9 overall was Browns left tackle Joe Thomas. The good news is that his talents were recognized; the bad news of course is that eight players were ranked ahead of him, including one offensive lineman (Jake Long of the Miami Dolphins).

Showing his love for the AFC North, James Walker listed Thomas at No. 7 overall, ahead of Long, who he ranked No. 10 overall. Walker talked about how the division is known more for its defensive stars, and when it comes to offense, Thomas clearly stands out:

The AFC North is known for its defense and it showed in the rankings. Thomas was the only offensive player to make my ballot. He's arguably the NFL's best left tackle and certainly the most consistent. Thomas has been to the Pro Bowl in each of his four seasons. I voted Thomas No. 7.