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Cleveland Browns Rank 15th in Pass Defeats, Per Football Outsiders

In an article by Football Outsiders, the Cleveland Browns ranked 15th in the NFL in "pass defeats" last season. Pass defeats cover four categories, including interceptions, sacks, tackles made behind the line of scrimmage on short passes, and tackles or passes defensed that prevented a third down conversion.

Out of 379 pass plays, the Browns had 102 pass defeats, which is just under 27% of the time. For the sake of comparing, the Green Bay Packers led the NFL with a 33% rate, the Pittsburgh Steelers were ahead of the Browns at 28%, and the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens were behind the Browns with 26% and 22%, respectively.

When you look at the individual rankings, Joe Haden was the only member of the Browns listed. He was tied for 26th place with 15 pass defeats. It is really up to you to determine how significant the pass defeats statistic is. DeAngelo Hall had the most pass defeats of any player, but players like Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha were not even listed.