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Walker Believes in Massaquoi as the Breakout Player

In his weekend mailbag, AFC North blogger James Walker was asked who he thought could be the breakout receiver on the Cleveland Browns this year. His answer was Mohamed Massaquoi, based on the reasoning most of us have stated over and over again: when you get a No. 1 guy, the rest of the players will settle in to more appropriate spots on the depth chart.

Walker: If I had to pick one, it would be Mohamed Massaquoi. He's shown flashes over the past two seasons, and I think Massaquoi has some talent. He is just in a role that is too big as Cleveland's No. 1 receiver. Massaquoi faces the most double-teams for the Browns and often the opponent's best cornerback. Therefore, Massaquoi struggles to get open because he is not a true No. 1 option.

I see a flaw with Walker's answer though. In order for Massaquoi to be a surprise, someone else on the Browns would have to emerge as a No. 1 receiver. The most likely candidate to do that is Greg Little, but as of right now, I think it is safe to say that anyone performing like a No. 1 receiver on the Browns would be more of a "surprise" than Massaquoi doing well as a No. 2 receiver, which is what is kind of..."expected" if it were to occur.