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The Sunday Five: Seneca Wallace Shows Confidence Again

"The Sunday Five" is a loosely-titled piece where I talk about five NFL- or Browns-related topics related to this past week. In today's edition, I take a look at some comments made by Seneca Wallace this past week, Browns players getting recognition on Twitter, and more.


Some fans were a little irritated by comments that quarterback Seneca Wallace made prior to the start of Camp Colt III. Wallace's confidence has been a recurring target of controversy, but why should it be? Are we really complaining about a player being confident? No, that's not the issue -- the problem is that everyone knows that Colt McCoy will start, but Wallace will not concede the competition to the media. I don't think Mike Holmgren would want him to do that either, as he wants McCoy to always try to top his competition.


Part of the trouble fans had with Wallace? Comments like this (from the Plain Dealer):

"Yeah, I can't disclose everything to him," he said. "I'm still trying to go out there and play for my position, you know? But I'm not going to hold everything back from him. If there's something he wants to know about the offense, I'd definitely be willing to try to share and help him out as best I can."


Wallace is pretty much guaranteed to be the team's primary backup this season, and I take his comments above as him being mostly sarcastic. Even if McCoy told Wallace, "tell me everything you know," I'm not so sure it would be beneficial. We have heard that Wallace is familiar with the West Coast Offense, but let's be real here -- he has minimal starting experience, and he has no idea what different spins that new head coach Pat Shurmur will include. Wallace can help McCoy whenever he has a question, and he will. In the end though, it is up to McCoy to make sure he operates in a way that makes him feel comfortable, not as a copycat to Wallace's way of thinking.


ESPN's John Clayton came out with an All-Underrated Team, but nobody cracked the list from the Browns. Clayton tried to stay away from putting Pro Bowlers or former first round picks on the list. I went position-by-position for the Browns and couldn't think of any standouts that Clayton missed out on. Players like Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, Joshua Cribbs, and Joe Haden are all Pro Bowlers or well known. I think Ahtyba Rubin would have been our closest candidate, but I can't disagree with Clayton's selection of Garay and Knighton. His list was for a 4-3 defense too, something Cleveland will be switching to this season.

Bullet_mediumI noticed that ESPN has a "power rankings" of sorts with the best tweets from NFL players. Two Browns players made the list -- receiver Carlton Mitchell at No. 1 overall, and Scott Fujita at No. 9 overall. Among the highlights, which sounds like a workaround to Facebook not having a "dislike" button?:

"I'm changing my Facebook name to 'NOBODY' so that.. Anytime i see any boring status.. I will 'LIKE' it.. It'll say 'NOBODY LIKES THIS'"