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CBS Sports Ranks Overrated and Underrated Players

Last week, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports ranked one overrated and one underrated player on each team in the NFL. Before I looked at who was listed for the Cleveland Browns, I wanted to see what type of players Prisco was listing as overrated. In other words, I wanted to see if Prisco went out on a limb with some of his picks or if he went exclusively with the crowd pleasers. Quite a few quarterbacks were on the list, but when I got to the Pittsburgh Steelers, I was surprised to see that he actually listed "Troy Polamalu" as overrated. I'm sure some of you here will agree with that, but I bet Steelers fans would disagree wholeheartedly.

Who did Prisco list as the overrated and underrated players on the Browns? Find out after the jump...

Cleveland Browns

Overrated: WR-KR Josh Cribbs. I know he played with a foot injury last season, but his numbers were way down. Yet you would think he was a superstar the way they rave about the guy.

Underrated: NT Ahtyba Rubin. He started 16 games last season and emerged as one of the Browns' better defensive players last season. At 330 pounds and 24 years of age, he has a bright future.

Two years ago, there was nothing overrated about Cribbs. Last year though, it definitely got tiresome hearing announcers praise him when we knew our kickoff return wasn't going anywhere. Even when the Top 100 players list from last season came out, Cribbs was ranked when he shouldn't have been. I am no where near being off the Cribbs bandwagon when he is healthy, but I can see why Prisco listed him as overrated -- he receives a lot of hype, but last year he could not deliver due to his injury.

Prisco made the right choice by listing Rubin as underrated. We have been talking about Rubin the past couple of days here on Dawgs By Nature due to an article he was referenced in on Football Outsiders, and his non-stop motor will make him fun to watch for years to come.