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Kaluka Maiava Excited to Play in 4-3 Defense, Says He's 90 Percent Recovered

Linebacker Kaluka Maiava might be a forgotten man to some Cleveland Browns fans thanks to an ACL tear that kept him out of action after Week 2 in the 2010 NFL season. Maiava had been hoping to build upon his successful rookie season in 2009, but instead he was forced to watch from the sidelines in Eric Mangini's final year with the team.

The Browns played a 3-4 defense during Maiava's two years in Cleveland. This year, they are switching to a 4-3 defense under Dick Jauron. Maiava was listed as 229 pounds last year, and in an interview with Pro Football Weekly, he staid that he is slimming down a tad (to 225 pounds) and is excited to utilize his speed in the new system:

"I was really excited when I found out we were going to the 4-3," said Maiava, who expects to play on the weak side in Dick Jauron's scheme. "I'm hoping for the best."

Maiava told PFW that he is about 90 percent recovered from last season's injury, and that if he needed to play right now, he could play. Maiava talked about the intense workouts he does on a regular basis:

In the morning, Maiava emphasizes football skills in his workouts. In his evening workouts, mixed martial arts are the focus. "After every workout, I'm just dying. Totally spent, but it's totally satisfying," Maiava said of the MMA training.

MMA training is now new for Maiava. An article from 2008 mentioned that Maiava and then teammate Clay Matthews were practicing MMA on each other.