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Walker: Hope and Concern for Browns, and a Mention of Pryor

In an article by ESPN's James Walker, he expressed one reason for the Cleveland Browns to have hope and one reason for them to have concern. Without reading any further, can you take a guess at what Walker is going to say?

Walker's reason for hope was the team's front office situation, where he praised them for making a first-round trade with the Atlanta Falcons in April to help build for the future and close the talent gap compared to Baltimore and Pittsburgh:

The Browns appear to be in the right hands with president Mike Holmgren and general manager Tom Heckert. Both are experienced and come from winning programs, and that appears to be rubbing off after just one year in Cleveland.

Walker's reason for concern was the team's passing game. His concern does not stem from complete doubt in Colt McCoy, but rather the uncertainty of the new West Coast Offense, the receiver situation, etc.

In another article, Walker mentions that he thinks the Browns should take a flier on quarterback Terrelle Pryor. I know we here at DBN have already talked about this possibility the past couple of days, but you can read this article for Walker's perspective:

The worst-case scenario is that Pryor flops in the NFL and the Browns miss on a fourth-round pick, a spot that doesn't have a high success rate to begin with. Cleveland could wait to use that pick next year on a punter or a right guard and get the same result. Opportunity is knocking in Cleveland. The team just has to be smart enough and willing enough to answer the door.