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Cleveland Browns Rank Strong in Front Office on Fox Sports released their NFL organization rankings, written by SiriusXM's Adam Schein. Each team is graded on six categories on a scale from 1-10, with a 10 being the best. The scores from each category were tallied to rank the teams on the list. Overall, the Cleveland Browns ranked as the 21st best organization in the NFL. Here is the breakdown for each category:

  • Owner: 3
  • Quarterback: 4
  • Coach: 4
  • Front office: 8
  • Coaching staff: 5
  • Intangibles: 6

Regarding the Browns' total score of 30, Schein says:

There is some legit hope in Cleveland with Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert running the organization after Eric Mangini sucked the life out of the franchise.

The Browns have a front office worthy of being ranked in the top ten. That is the category that saved the Browns from being close to the middle of the pack in the rankings; otherwise, things would not have been as pretty.

The Steelers and Ravens are ranked in the top ten, but the Bengals are ranked 29th with a terrible front office.