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Pluto: Shurmur's Prior Interest in McCoy, and Why Pryor Doesn't Fit

The 2010 quarterback class was not regarded as being particularly strong after the St. Louis Rams took Sam Bradford with the first overall pick. The only other quarterback taken in the first round was Tim Tebow, but I am not ready to classify him as a true "quarterback." He is still more of a gimmick player at this point. The draft class for quarterbacks this past April was much different. Four quarterbacks were taken in round one, and two more were taken very early in round two.

Pat Shurmur was fortunate to have Bradford as his quarterback with the St. Louis Rams last year. If he didn't have Bradford though, who was the next option on the Rams' board? Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer elaborates in his weekly column:

Based on some research, I've learned that St. Louis had McCoy ranked as the No. 2 quarterback in the 2010 draft, behind Sam Bradford -- their top pick. The Rams coaching staff (and that includes current Browns head coach Pat Shurmur) liked McCoy because they believed he'd be very effective in the offense. That 73 percent completion rate in his last two years at Texas along with McCoy's leadership traits made him attractive.

Shurmur reportedly liked McCoy back when he interviewed him prior to the 2010 draft. Mike Holmgren had reportedly inquired with the Rams about trading for Bradford, but they were against it. I doubt Holmgren spoke directly with Shurmur at that time since he was only an offensive coordinator, but you wonder if the Rams gave him a vibe that they were also high on McCoy's abilities. If that was the case, then Holmgren could have had a seed planted all along that the Rams' offensive coordinator would be auditioning for a job based on how things went with Bradford.

When it comes to the recent rumors about Terrelle Pryor, Pluto does not see how the Ohio State product fits in with what the Browns are trying to accomplish:

So the West Coast offense requires an accurate, precision passer. That's why it's strange when there is an ESPN story and some suggestions from fans that the Browns grab former OSU quarterback Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft. Why? The things this offense requires are the weakest parts of Pryor's game. As for making him a receiver, that is a long-term project -- assuming it works at all.