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Colt McCoy: "Fullsquad Minicamp Being Planned"

According to Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy via the Plain Dealer, he and linebacker Scott Fujita are planning on organizing a fullsquad minicamp if the lockout continues. We had previously heard Fujita acknowledge that the defense would try to get together at some point, but this is the first time we have heard any further elaboration:

"We're talking about it and I think it will happen,'' McCoy said. "Things are progressiing, but it's pending the lockout.  The great thing is, guys are willing to come and I know we'll get some great work in on both sides of the ball.''

McCoy also said that some of the veteran players have been assisting the younger players and rookies with travel expenses. Regarding the fullsquad minicamp, if it happens, it would probably be toward the end of July when training camp would normally begin.