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Around the AFC North (6/24): Ravens Fans to Miss Training Camp

In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we take a look at news that Baltimore Ravens fans won't be able to attend training camp, a Bengals linebacker claiming he's superior to Brian Urlacher, and a returning running back the Steelers might be interested in.

Baltimore Ravens: Training Camp Moved, Fans Can't Attend

Having fans being able to attend training camp is the perfect way to generate excitement for the upcoming season, even if it does result in exaggerated optimism for every team (i.e. Jake Delhomme did well last year). Due to the lockout, the Baltimore Ravens won't be able to hold training camp at their normal facilities and will instead be elsewhere this season. Their new location will not be able to accommodate fans.

Cincinnati Bengals: Urlacher Not in the Top 10, According to Dhani Jones

Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones was asked to name the top-10 linebackers in the league. He put himself at No. 7 and failed to mention Brian Urlacher. When asked why he left him off, Jones said, "When was the last time Urlacher got off a block?"

Urlacher calmly responded:

"I think we were drafted in the same class, right?.... I haven't heard anything about his since then," Urlacher told "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on WMVA-AM 1000. "I saw him on a TV show with a bow tie on, though. So I know him better for the way he dresses than what he does on the football field. Look, guys are going to talk. I've definitely had a lot worse things said about me publicly from guys, so I can live with it."

Pittsburgh Steelers: Interest in RB Tiki Barber?

Could the Steelers be the team that gives the returning Tiki Barber a shot when the lockout ends? Peter King thinks so due to the Mike Tomlin connection:

The Steelers have a head coach the Barber family knows well -- Mike Tomlin is close to twin Ronde Barber after coaching him in Tampa from 2001 to 2005 and also knows Tiki. Tomlin wouldn't be afraid of the sideshow Tiki Barber might create, nor would he be shy about pulling the plug if the 36-year-old back couldn't beat out the likes of Mewelde Moore.