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Colt McCoy Praises Rookie WR Greg Little

Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer spoke with Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy after the team's third offensive minicamp together. Most of the information McCoy relayed was nothing new -- he said they are planning a fullsquad workout if the lockout continues, that players have paid their way to get to these sessions, and that veteran quarterbacks Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace were assets in the sessions they attended.

McCoy also praised first-year receiver Greg Little, who has been out of football for awhile. I expected nothing less than positive remarks regardless of how Little did, but it is still good to hear:

"It was great having Greg there,'' said McCoy. "He's in shape, he ran great routes and he has good hands. Drafting him as high as they did, I think the coaches have high expectations for him. It was good to get him with Mo (Mohamed Massaquoi), Jordan Cameron (rookie tight end), Brian Robiskie, Ben Watson and Evan Moore. Those guys kind of took him under their wing and taught him a little bit.''


"He's not going to be missing a step,'' said McCoy. "I think he's done a great job of staying in shape and continuing to work. Obviously he wanted to play last season and that didn't happen, but he was in the same (West Coast) system that we're putting in in Cleveland, so system-wise I think he'll be fine.''