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Eric Wright's Tender Shouldn't Mean Anything

A few days ago, ESPN revealed details of the proposed CBA. One of those details stated that all players who have expired contracts and four or more years of experience will become unrestricted free agents.

After going through the old headlines, the Cleveland Browns only appeared to tender one player for certain: cornerback Eric Wright. Wright has played for the Browns for four seasons, so the criteria applies for him to hit the market. Whether or not the Browns will try to retain him remains to be seen.

The other players who "might" have been tendered include TE Evan Moore and S Sabby Piscitelli. Tony Grossi reported that Moore received a tender, but Moore should have been an exclusive rights free agent. He has only served in the NFL for three years, meaning the team should not have to re-sign him next year. Piscitelli's claim came out of no where and did not seem to make sense. He doesn't want to return either, so I wouldn't worry about him either way.