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Prisco Takes a Look at Active NFL Hall of Fame Candidates

Over at CBS Sports, Pete Prisco wrote an article that listed all of the league's stars who have racked up six or more years of experience. He then evaluated whether each of those players would be worthy of being in the Hall of Fame. As I'm sure you expected, none of the members of the Cleveland Browns were on the list.

When you think of candidates on the Browns that fit Prisco's list in terms of years, there aren't many.

-Joshua Cribbs (7 years) has been a dynamic special teams player, but that is not going to get him anywhere close to the Hall of Fame. Even Devin Hester won't make it for as dominant as he has been.

-Eric Steinbach (9 years) has been a better-than-average lineman, but falls well short of any consideration.

-Scott Fujita (10 years) fills his role well as a leader and is a rep for the players union. Like Steinbach, any conversation involving the Hall of Fame is just laughable though.

-Sheldon Brown (10 years) might be adored by Eagles fans, but has never been close to the likes of a Charles Woodson or a Champ Bailey.

-Phil Dawson (13 years) would be in the Browns' Hall of Fame, but certainly not in Canton. Adam Vinatieri is the guy hoping to get in there thanks to playing in so many big-time games.

The Steelers had four candidates on Prisco's list, but none of them were on a guaranteed path to Canton. The Ravens will have a good chance at getting Rey Lewis and Ed Reed in there though. And, while Chad Ochocinco is listed, he received a big, "no way" from Prisco.

Fortunately, the Browns do have one Hall of Fame candidate in Joe Thomas (5 years). He still has a long way to go, but nothing stands between Thomas and Canton without getting pancaked.