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Around the AFC North (6/3): Flacco Not Praised Enough

Here is a good, young quarterback, but it's not Joe Flacco. I am now a hack too!
Here is a good, young quarterback, but it's not Joe Flacco. I am now a hack too!

In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we take a look at our friends over at our Ravens affiliate getting frustrated, whether Pittsburgh should take back a former receiver, and Bengals fans reacting to Cincinnati being ranked as one of the worst organizations in the NFL.

Baltimore Ravens: Fans Upset Over Joe Flacco Not Being Mentioned Enough

Maybe it is just me, but I do not know what Bruce is so frustrated about after reading an article over at Since their writers did not call Joe Flacco the best young quarterback in the league (or rather, since they did not mention him enough times), the writers are all hacks:

While I have no problem listing these guys among the best young guns in the league today, to not even mention the Ravens' signal-caller, who has accomplished more in his first three seasons that all the others combined is absolutely ludicrous, ridiculous and borderlines poor journalism, much less questionable journalistic integrity on the part of Pat Kirwan.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Could Plaxico Burress be a Good Fit for Pittsburgh Again?

According to Pete Wilmoth of SB Nation Pittsburgh, the answer is, "no."

It's difficult to even imagine where Burress would fit into the receiving food chain if he once again donned black and gold. If you're head coach Mike Tomlin, are you really going to give Burress playing time over the speedy Mike Wallace, your emerging superstar? What about Hines Ward? True, this could very well be the year that the wheels fall off for the aging veteran - it tends to happen suddenly for wideouts - but Ward has been too good at finding soft spots in zone coverage on third down and moving the chains.

Would you even play Burress as your third receiver over second-year guys Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown, both of whom showed promise in their rookie seasons? (If so, you'd have to line Burress up wide and shift Ward to the slot.) Even if the deal went through, it's hard to forecast Burress as anything more than fourth on the depth chart.

Cincinnati Bengals: Reaction to Low Organizational Ranking

Yesterday, I posted about an article from that ranked all 32 organizations based on six categories. The Bengals were ranked 29th on that list. How did their fans react to the rankings? Here is a sample:

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Mike Brown is a turd.