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Walker: Can Colt McCoy Succeed in Cleveland's Weather?

Even though our long stretch of rain in Cleveland is over and beautiful weather is here, that did not stop ESPN's James Walker from wondering at the start of June whether Browns quarterback Colt McCoy can succeed in inclement weather.

Last year McCoy's first NFL experience playing in inclement weather didn't go well, leaving many to question if he is the answer for the Browns. According to ESPN's Stats & Information, McCoy played three games under 40 degrees last season and that was when his rookie year went downhill. McCoy was 0-3 against the Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, and saw his passer rating drop almost 25 points compared to games played in warmer weather. McCoy also threw six of his nine interceptions in those three games.

Matt Williamson of Scout Inc, the same person who took some heat for ranking the Browns 32nd in the league a couple of weeks ago, spoke of the struggles that former Browns quarterback Jeff Garcia had when he was in Cleveland. Walker then adds the struggles of Brady Quinn in cold weather to the mix.

McCoy has dismissed issues of him playing in bad weather in the past, and I have to agree with him. Sure, I'm not ready to proclaim him as an unfazed quarterback in inclement weather, but the sample size is way too small to judge three late-season performances that included many other factors, such as playing tough division opponents, seeing Peyton Hillis get worn down, and the defense being too beat up to stop the opposition. There might be a correlation with McCoy's performance and the weather, but correlation does not always imply causality.